Lucas Wiltjer

Lucas Wiltjer is a high school journalist working out of a medium sized beach town just north of LA. He's been on the Dragon Press for 2 years working as both a staffer and an editor.

Five shows the Dragon Press is still shedding tears over – The Foothill Dragon Press

Its a common experience: fall in love with a show, memorize all your favorite character’s lines, and even build a near friendship relationship with some, only to have your new best friend dashed from the screen, pulled from the lineup, erased from history. Despite your tear soaked letters and attempted protests the big networks have been shutting down shows that don’t quite catch on to larger audiences for years. Here are five that the Dragon Press wishes would have never been canceled. This s

Supplement your studying with video games – The Foothill Dragon Press

Video games have been seen as a degenerate pastime since the first young adult opted against moving out from his parents home, and decided that basement real estate might suit him better than an apartment or starter home. The reality is video games have matured beyond the likes of Pong, and Pac Man, or even Doom and Quake and the original “bag ‘em and tag ‘em” first person shooters. 2014 has been coined by video game journalists and enthusiasts alike as the year of the story; the final growth s

Drake Bell relives the oldies with ‘Ready Steady Go!’ – The Foothill Dragon Press

Critics will be disappointed as former Nickelodeon star Drake Bell moves on from his past with “Ready Steady Go!” an invigorating Jazz-Pop-Rock hybrid that feels fresh out of the ’50s. Unfortunately, the album lacks innovation or anything to separate it from the pack, and most highlight tracks are covers. Starting the album off with a cover of “Sunny Afternoon,” Bell demonstrates a fresh attitude that begins to shed his old reputation without the drugs, ignorant comments and arrest records of B

Mr. Villa will not be returning next year – The Foothill Dragon Press

Math and Avid teacher Anthony Villa will not be returning to Foothill next school year. Villa was recently accepted into a doctoral program in the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University with a concentration in curriculum studies and teacher education with a special focus in mathematics education. “In laymen’s terms, I’m going to be getting my doctorate in mathematics education basically with the ultimate goal of being able to teach math teachers at the university level,” said Vill

Evan Askar wins race for ASB president – The Foothill Dragon Press

The votes have been cast and the results are in. Evan Askar has won the race for ASB president and Nick Vaughan has won the race for ASB vice president. Askar is eager to jump right into his new role as ASB president and begin to enact his “four-pronged” plan. His first focus will be the  development of fire programs for juniors and seniors to help with college applications and studying for the ACT and SAT. “As of now I’m coming up with a plan with Captain Lindsey to start the programs  I talk

Fourth annual “Love the Earth” benefit concert raises funds for memorial garden (20 photos) – The Foothill Dragon Press

Buena’s Environmental Club put on the fourth annual “Love the Earth Concert” to fund the school’s Amy Reinert Memorial Garden which provides fresh produce for the Buena cafeteria and the ASB bistro. Both students and teachers from Buena, Ventura, El Camino and Foothill performed on Friday night in front of a small yet engaged audience in Buena’s quad. The benefit concert was split into three acts, each act having some form of local connection to Ventura high schools. Buena library media teach

Students learn leadership skills while collecting hygienic essentials for homeless families – The Foothill Dragon Press

Foothill students in the Teen Voice Club are participating in a city-wide home essentials and hygiene care package drive, where hygienic products are collected from various schools and then distributed to homeless across the county. The Teen Voice program is a community outreach program designed to help students develop leadership skills in a volunteer environment, and give back to the community. The mission statment of Teen Voice is to “build positive relationships between high school student

Bioscience Academy’s FAD Night informs freshmen, celebrates seniors (36 photos) – The Foothill Dragon Press

Freshmen and their parents milled around Foothill’s campus eating pasta and learning the ins and outs of the BioScience Academy, while seniors were celebrated for their contributions to the academy on Wednesday’s FAD Night. During Fiesta Award Demo (FAD) Night, freshmen and sophomores gained insight as to the rigour of their upcoming classes and the fun networking that their busy schedules will entertain in coming years. Also, special awards were given to seniors who are graduating this spring.